5 reasons to buy adidas energy boost ( Review )

5 reasons to buy adidas energy boost ( Review )

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1-a sock-like fit that’s comfortable and non-irritating is afforded to the wearer because of the presence of the techfit upper.

2-a soft interior feeling is given constantly to the foot because of the smooth interior fabrics.

3-The boost™ technology makes sure to keep the foot well-cushioned at all times.

4-The Zonemotion outsole construction reduces the weight of the shoe, and improves flexibility, which appealed to many testers.

5-Durable Adiwear covers the rest of the sole unit and shields it from the abrasive nature of the roads.

The Adidas Energy Boost 2 is a high quality running shoe that’s made to deliver sure performance, protection and security to the wearer. Its sporty look complements its efficacy as a daily runner and a dependable sports partner. It’s a solid choice for a variety of urban activities.

Adidas Energy Boost General Info

This shoe is made to compete with shoes like the Nike Vomero, Brooks Glycerin, and Asics Kayano and it is priced more expensively than all but the Kayano.

While the Energy Boost is one of the most expensive shoes in Adidas’ running line, it is not their most performance oriented running shoe.

With each iteration of this shoe I find myself hoping that it works for me. Adidas Boost shoes such as the Glide, Boston, and Adios have become mainstays for me when it comes to road running.

buy , adidas , energy , boost , Review , comfortable , foot well-cushioned , smooth , interior , Durable , Adiwear covers , performance , the shoe , training ,

 Adidas Energy Boost Design And Materials

The upper uses a design template which is similar to what was used on the past Energy Boosts. The forefoot and toe-box is all mesh and is covered with high-density printing. adidas calls this ‘Techfit.’

The midfoot has the dreaded cage, and the heel has the pronounced Achilles lip. An external heel counter covers either side of the rearfoot and this eliminates the need for an internal stiffener. The tongue is a part of a sleeve, and only four lacing rows (plus one reserve) span the top.

A closer examination of the upper reveals the updates. For starters, the ‘Techfit’ mesh used for the upper is much softer and has greater stretch than before. The heel lining has also changed. The new material feels more performance oriented and is similar to what the Supernova Glide 6 – 7 used.

 Adidas Energy Boost Durability Assessment

Expect no problems with the Energy Boost’s midsole or outsole. Boost does not lose its cushioning over time, and the hard Continental rubber has been battle tested.

The fabric tear will not affect the performance of the shoe in any way, but you should know that there’s a likelihood of that happening.

 Adidas Energy Boost Upper Fit and Feel 

The Energy Boost’s upper fit has the same issues as before. The stiff midfoot cage applies pressure on the sides. Cinching the laces tight also leads to a noticeable sensation of top-down lacing pressure.

Unlike other running shoes, the Energy Boost has fewer lacing rows (4 primary + 1 heel lock). This increases the pressure over the foot because four rows have to do the work of six. But these two aren’t deal-breakers. Rather, the redesigned midfoot cage on the inner/arch side is.

So you get this feeling as if there’s something pressing under your arch. Needless to say, this isn’t good when you’re planning longer runs on the Energy. The high-density printed mesh also lacks ventilation, so the Energy Boost will run hot. Take note if you’re planning to use the shoe in warm weather.

buy , adidas , energy , boost , Review , comfortable , foot well-cushioned , smooth , interior , Durable , Adiwear covers , performance , the shoe , training ,

Adidas Energy Boost Conclusions

Adidas certainly has a great product with Boost technology, and their shoes are very well made and hold up. The problem with this particular model is simply that it is overbuilt.

It is extremely well cushioned, but that cushioning is undermined by the Dual Torsion system which makes the midsole feel like an inflexible brick.

With the Boost phenomenon Adidas have tapped into the fashion forward lifestyle crowd and I would fully expect to see this shoe at college campuses and high end health clubs rather than on the feet of runners actually training.

If you’re looking for a great looking running shoe with Boost that works well for casual purposes, this might be your shoe.

However, if you’re looking for a shoe to train seriously in, save your money and look further down Adidas’ line at other great offerings.

Buy It Here : http://www.adidas.fr/energy_boost