JLab Epic Bluetooth Earbuds Review

JLab Epic Bluetooth Earbuds Review

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JLab Epic earbuds are comfortable and fit several different sizes of ears.

The JLab Epic earbuds have excellent sound quality, are comfortable and durable, which makes them a good choice for workouts or for people that just want to free themselves from a cord.

There are wireless earphones, and then there are Bluetooth earphones designed specifically for exercise. Typically, the latter category has three defining traits: a moisture-proof design with a behind-the-head cable, and big, booming bass response. The JLab Epic delivers on all of these fronts, and comes with a plethora of useful accessories, including a pouch that will hold most cell phones during a workout. it delivers distortion-free, powerful audio with seriously boosted bass that will appeal to low-end lovers and terrify purists.

2-Size & Fit

In a sense, earbuds are a lot like a pair of shoes. Some are more comfortable and fit better than others. With the JLab Epic earbuds, you can be certain you’ll have a tight and comfortable fit, even if you have ears like Dumbo. You can even use these wireless earbuds when running. We also didn’t have any issues with these earbuds falling out when lifting weights, jumping rope and doing calisthenics. JLab includes six different-sized silicone tips so you can get a secure and custom fit.

Even though the earbuds kept a tight seal and remained in our ears, they weren’t as easy to put on as other earbuds. You have to wrap them around the back of your ear like a hook and then insert them into your ear canal upside down. The earbud’s cord that wraps around your ear is flexible but remains secure. Weighing in at just 0.53 ounces, these earbuds are incredibly lightweight, and we were able to forget they were even there when wearing them for extended periods of time. If you aren’t used to around-the-ear-style earbuds though, they may feel funny at first, but you get used to them after wearing them a few times.

JLab , Epic , Bluetooth , Earbuds , Review , ears , comfortable , earbuds , Audio Performance , wireless earbuds , water-resistant ,

3-Audio Performance

The sound of the Epic cordless earbuds is quite remarkable, considering their price point and the fact that they are wireless. During our sound quality tests, we noticed a trend with wireless earbuds – almost all of them have boosted bass, so you may want to increase the treble for a more balanced sound. This shouldn’t be a huge problem, since several people listen to electronic, hip-hop or rock music while working out. While listening to Florence and the Machine’s “Shake it Out,” the vocals didn’t sound as full as they would with a premium pair of headphones. Rest assured, the Epic earbuds sounded better compared to the other wireless earbuds we tested. They are capable of reproducing an array of frequency ranges and sound great.

Although we don’t recommend using your earbuds at full volume, if you need to crank up the volume to block out your gym’s radio, or any other background noise, these earbuds – which have an 8-mm driver – get quite loud. While wearing these earbuds in the office, people had to motion with their hands to get my attention, the seal is so strong. At the time, the earbuds weren’t even at full volume.

4-Battery & Connectivity

The biggest annoyance with wireless earbuds is you have to remember to charge them. A rocking playlist can really make for a stellar workout. And when you open your gym bag, pull out your earbuds and put them in only to find out that they are dead, odds are you’re going to be annoyed and a little less motivated to achieve your fitness goals. Fortunately, this pair of wireless earbuds have 10 hours of juice. Charging the buds with the included micro-USB cable on a Dell XPS laptop took a little more than three hours. A full charge lasted us an entire workout week.


These are arguably one of the best pairs of wireless earbuds. They have impressive sound quality, a wide wireless range and are incredibly durable. The Epic earbuds fit in most sizes of ears and remain secure, even during the most strenuous of workouts. Not only that, they are comfortable, water-resistant and have a long lasting battery.

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