GoPro’s Karma drone Review

GoPro’s Karma drone Review

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The GoPro Karma, the company’s first-ever drone, is back on sale in the United States and available to order. The RC drone allows you to capture footage while it flies hundreds of feet in the air and for nearly 2 miles. This product is extremely versatile, as it can be mounted on your body or handheld using the Karma grip accessory.

For perspective, GoPro first unveiled Karma at a press event last September, then made the innovative new drone available on store shelves starting Oct. 23, 2016.

But less than three weeks later, GoPro recalled all 2,500 Karma drones sold since that initial launch — a small but devastating blow to the company as it worked to enter a new multibillion-dollar market ahead of the lucrative 2016 holiday season. To blame, according to GoPro at the time, were a “very small number” of reported incidents of unexplained power failure during operation.

Why the Karma is Unique?

The GoPro Karma was a highly anticipated gadget in 2016, leaving hundreds of customers disappointed when it was recalled. It’s a lightweight drone and exceptionally compact. You can fold the drone to take it anywhere with you. When folded, the drone is only 14.4 inches long, 8.8 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. The total weight of the drone is only 35.5 ounces.

The Karma drone has plenty of power for the most rigorous adventures. It can reach a maximum speed of 35 mph and travel up to 3,000 meters, or 9,840 feet. This means you can capture footage for almost 2 miles on a single battery charge. However, the flight time on the Karma is 20 minutes, and only one battery is included with the drone. Luckily, the battery can charge within one hour, and you can buy additional batteries on the GoPro website if you desire.

Furthermore, you can capture footage from amazing heights, as the drone can reach up to 10,500 feet in altitude. It can also resist wind up to 22 mph, which makes it capable of performing well for various outdoor activities.

You aren’t the only one who can benefit from the GoPro Karma. The GoPro Passenger App allows your friends and family members to view your footage right from their own smartphones. This app is available for iOS 9 and later, as well as Android 4.1 and later.

GoPro's , Karma , drone , Display , clear , and , loud , Karma , market , high-resolution , premium design ,power , rigorous adventures , amazing heights , footage ,

Where Can I Now Purchase the GoPro Karma?

Pricing remains the same: the Karma drone will sell for $799 with no camera or $1,099 with a Hero 5 Black in the US. GoPro is also offering a version with of Karma without a stabilizer for $599, since the company began selling Karma’s removable stabilizer separately while the drone was not for sale. The camera company also says shipments will be limited at first, and that Karma will be available internationally later this spring.


Karma is GoPro’s first attempt at a quadcopter drone. It features a foldable design and has a clamshell controller with a touchscreen. In addition, it comes with a removable stabilizer that can be mounted on a bike, helmet or car.

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